General Information • Tile Wall Project

NEW! Tile Wall Project

Create a lasting memory for the entire community to see. Personal art creations are preferred, and photos are accepted. Create your own themed masterpiece!

Top reasons to create a tile for the Tile Wall Project:

How It Works...
Purchase 6” x 6” tiles for $20, decorate and return your masterpiece to the Community Center front desk to be displayed on the main floor at the Community Center.

Purchase your tile online
This option is available to households in our registration system-if you don't have a household account please contact the Community Center at 630.690.4880.

  1. Buy your tile online >
    Online code: 709406-01

  2. Print a Tile Wall Information Packet (PDF)
    File includes instructions for creating your tile art.


Purchase your tile and receive a tile wall packet at either of the following locations:
Community Center • 1777 S. Blanchard, 630.690.4880
DuPage County Historical Museum • 102 E. Wesley, 630.665.4710

Please contact Megan Raitt at 630.510.5138.