Registration • Overview

Important Dates

11/03: (on/about) winter brochures home delivered
11/11: resident registration begins for winter programs
12/02: nonresident registration begins
for winter programs

Program Guide Delivery:
Haven't received a copy of the current program guide? Please consider one of the following options:

1. “Go green” and view current program guides online
2. Pick up a program guide at any of these facilities:

You may also email your address to: to inquire about receiving a program guide.

Accurate Account Information Vital for New Software & E-mail Updates
As of July 15, 2009, the park district switched to new registration software. Any participant who has not updated their account since this date must do so in order to register for a program. In addition, any family members not listed on a household* account (i.e. family members who have not yet participated in programs or activities), must be added to that account prior to registering for a program.

To update your account and/or add a family member to your household*, please stop in or call the Community Center at 630.690.4880 or fill out the online Household Account Update Form. If you need to update your household account and have a family member who requires special assistance (i.e., allergies, special needs or WDSRA services), please contact the Community Center at 630.690.4880.

*Please see Important Definitions.

Additional Registration Information:

Accommodations for Persons w/ Disabilities
Athletic Family Max. Form (PDF)
GO Cards & Gift Cards
Important Definitions
Participant Code of Conduct
Photography and Waivers
Photo I.D.s
Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund Policy