Toohey Park Building & Safety City • Overview

Facility Overview

Safety City is a "minature" downtown Wheaton, complete with buildings, sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals.

This unique Wheaton Park District facility offers a valuable venue in which children can learn basic principles of safety. Hands-on teaching includes games, crafts, music, stories, videos, crafts and role-playing. In this class, children practice and experience "real life" situations so that they react properly in their daily lives.

Safety City is located at 1900 Orchard Road just outside the Toohey Park Building at Toohey Park.

Classes for Children

The Safety City curriculum includes pedestrian safety, passenger safety, at-home safety, fire prevention, playground safety and "Stranger Danger." There's time to practice safe behaviors on the Safety City outdoor layout that includes buildings, sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic signals. Each session ends with an open house for friends and families, and each child receives a certificate of completion. Each child must bring a bicycle helmet to every class. We encourage participants to repeat this class. Participants should bring a lunch and beverage every day.

Parties at Safety City

Party Option 1:  The ORIGINAL Safety City Party
4 – 6 year olds  (Up to 15 kids)
Party begins with a safety-themed street craft, followed by safe cycling on the outdoor Safety City layout.  Then we go back inside for a party game, birthday treat and opening presents.  Party is run by Safety City Instructor.  You provide and serve your choice of birthday treat and beverage. All participants must bring a safety helmet.

Party Option 2:  INDOOR Safety City Party "The Scrubbly Bubbly Car Wash"                      
3 – 7 year olds  (Up to 15 kids)
The party begins with a funny car wash story.  Next, the Safety City party planner, Miss Barb, will lead the children as they “drive through the Safety City Car Wash.  What great fun it is to be dancing, singing and “driving” to this cool car wash song.  The children will create a small car wash craft to take home to play with.  You provide and serve your choice of birthday treat and beverage.


  • The indoor car wash party can be used as an alternative to the original party when the weather does not permit the use of the outdoor layout.
  • If you have already enjoyed a Safety City party and would like to book another party for your child you can choose from either party theme.  Or if you are new to Safety City you can pick from either theme as well.
  • Fee for the 90-minute party:
    $125/residents (up to 15)
    $150/nonresidents (up to 15)
  • To make reservations please call 630.871.2835 (Toohey Park) or 630.690.4880 (Community Center)
  • Safety City was built by the Kiwanis Club Charitable Foundation
  • Please call the Safety CIty Birthday Coordinator, Miss Barb, at 630.871.2835 to schedule a party

Safety City Open Road (Weather permitting)

Safety City is open to the public and supervised by qualified park district staff.

  • Youngsters (ages 3 – 6) with tricycles (provided by you) and helmets can ride safely free of charge.
  • Tricycles are available to rent for $5.
  • Two-wheel bikes, rollerblades and skateboards are not welcome.
  • All participants must bring their own helmet or just come out and walk.

Safety City Open Road is open during Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. Please see the Early Childhood portion of our seasonal program guide (Safety City section) for specific dates and times or call 630-690-4880 for details.

Safety Field Trips
Ages 4 – 6 (preschool) and ages 6 – 8 (school age)
Preschools, daycare centers, school district early childhood classes, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and small youth groups can take advantage of Safety City field trips.  Home safety, basic pedestrian and bicycle safety can be taught. 

  • Fee: $5 per child with a minimum of $35 per group.
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • To make reservations please call 630.871.2835 (Toohey Park) or 630.690.4880 (Community Center)