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Northside Park Update - May 2013

Access Restricted Week of May 13

This week our contractors will be removing the entrance circle at Northside Park. The work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday and the roads will be inaccessible until later in the week when they have curbs installed and are able to place the gravel base.

During these few days, parking will be available on adjacent streets and the lot at Armbrust and Darling Streets. In addition, the First Baptist Church on Main Street is generously allowing public use of their parking lot during week days. There is pedestrian access to the park from the west side of the church near the basketball courts/pool parking lot.

The temporary gravel access can be used to access the east parking lots until the final asphalt surface is placed. We are on track to have the project substantially completed by the end of the month.

Questions or Comments?
Contact Rob Sperl at 630-510-4975 or email for more information. Executive Director, Michael Benard, is also available at 630-510-4945 or for any questions or comments.

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what is dredging?  click to view an article from Land and Water magazine about a similar project DredgingArticleMap
Ever wonder what "Dredging" at Northside Park involves?

View an article published in the May-June 2010 issue of Land and Water magazine titled,
"Muck and Gunk".

The article highlights a project utilizing dredging to clean up a Wisconsin pond.

Land and Water is published for contractors, landscape architects, consultants and engineers, government officials and those all those individuals involved in natural resource management and restoration, from idea stage through project completion and maintenance. For more information, please visit

Northside Park Playground Re-opened

The playground at Northside Park was re-opened last fall. Listed below are just a few of the unique features at this nature themed, tree house inspired playground:

  • 8 foot high triple embankment slide
  • Bonded rubber mulch surface (looks like wood mulch that stays in place and is accessible)
  • 90 foot long zip line
  • Interactive water spray feature (will be removed for the season)

Chat with the Mayor
The Northside Renovation project is featured on the November edition of Chat with the Mayor. This half hour program provides an in depth discussion on all aspects of the project.

Questions or Comments?
I can be reached at 630.510. 4975 or via email Our Executive Director, Michael Benard, is also available at 630.510.4945 or for any questions or comments.

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Northside Park Renovation Overview

The Wheaton Park District began construction at the end of September 2009 on this long anticipated project. Since 1999, we had looked at various options to solve ongoing flood related problems at Northside Park. The initial phase of the project reconstructed the weir (dam) near the warming shelter. This allows the City of Wheaton to widen the culvert at Main Street and reduce the frequency that it becomes flooded. We also graded and planted the shoreline to prevent erosion, provide water quality benefits, provide forage and habitat for wildlife, and make the area less attractive to geese.
Beyond the initial work phase of work, we are looking at all aspects of the park to ensure that it can meet the needs of the community for the next century. Since November 2008, a small group of neighbors have formed a Friends of Northside Park Committee. This group has been reviewing the current plans and coming up with ideas for work outside of the initial phase. This includes improving the roads and parking lots throughout the park, renovating the cabins, adding new path lighting, and replacing the warming shelter with an environmentally friendly interpretive center.
Thank you for your interest in this project. If you have any further questions or would like to be a part of future planning, please email or call the Wheaton Park District Planning Department at (630) 510-4975.

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