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Moving Forward: A Community Vision for the Future of Old Hubble Middle School Site

Realistic and responsible multi-use plan provides immediate common sense solution that is a "win, win, win" for the entire community.

Mar. 25, 2013--While it might seem simple to tear down the school and keep using the gyms, this required bringing in all new utilities to the building.

  • Heating – The former steam plant that consisted of three boilers the size of small buses that serviced the old school has been replaced with two high efficiency boilers that aren’t much bigger than a typical home furnace. It was necessary to bring in a new gas service and replace pipes and six large air handlers throughout the building. Supplemental heat is provided in several smaller areas with smaller heat radiators.

  • Access – The separation from the old school building required us to upgrade accessibility in case of emergencies and for people with disabilities. A new exit and emergency stairway was created in the southwest corner of the building. Hopefully these will never need to be used. An elevator was installed to allow easier access to the upper gymnasium and batting cages. The existing restrooms were also improved to be accessible.

  • Water and Sewer – A new water line needed to be brought in the building. The previous sanitary sewer exited to the south of the building. This has been rerouted with a force main to exit the west side of the building. In the spring, the old exterior sewer line will be replaced.

  • Lighting – Power to the building had previously come through the school. A new power service was needed that is routed through a new electrical room. The majority of light fixtures were replaced with more energy efficient florescent fixtures. This not only saves energy, but allows the lights to come on instantly rather than warming up like the old lights. A significant portion of this work was paid for with a grant from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

  • Overall Cleanup – In addition to the contracted work, park staff cleaned up over 50 years of accumulated dirt and grime. Nearly every surface was wiped down and many were repainted. Floors were stripped and waxed and mechanical fixtures refurbished.

  • Work to be Done – Even though we have restored use of the building, there is more work to be done. We are working on servicing the bleachers to be able to continue their use. Storm sewer and parking improvements will occur when the weather improves. The roof of the building will be replaced. Plans are currently in the works to improve the ball fields and sports lighting. We will also be creating a Gateway Garden at the corner of Main and Roosevelt.

Expected Fall of 2013:  Mariano's Fresh Market will open!

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Wheaton Park District applauds Old Hubble sale - CUSD 200/Bradford pact will keep gyms and fields for public use (PDF)
Press Release: 7/8/2011

Hubble deal expected to benefit park district, too - Daily Herald • 7/2/2011

District 200 finds buyer for Hubble site - Daily Herald • 6/28/2011

Park District Approves Letter of Intent with Bradford Real Estate to Bring Mariano's Fresh Market to Hubble Site (PDF)
Immediate solution benefits all area taxpayers
Last updated: 5/25/2011

 Hubble Site Plan (PDF)
posted 05/16/11
• Hubble Rendering (PDF)
posted 05/16/11
• Executed Bradford Letter of Intent (PDF) posted 05/25/11
• Ordinance 2011-03 (PDF) posted 05/25/11
• Exhibit A to Ordinance 2011-03 (PDF) posted 05/25/11
• Real Estate Purchase and Sales Agreement (PDF) posted 05/25/11

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