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Green Living Tips for Winter

Brought to you by the Wheaton Park District Green Team

  • Replace or insulate your windows.  If your windows are old and you do not have the money to replace them at the moment, invest in a simple window kit for indoor use.  It is an insulated plastic that anyone can apply to windows to seal out the cold air and leaks.  It helps to prevent heat loss and conserves energy.  If the power goes off, it will help your home to retain the heat for a longer period of time until repairs can be made.
  • Invest in green plants to keep in the living room, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  Green plants help to recycle and freshen the air you breathe all winter long.  Once your home is sealed, you need the plants to help remove toxins and stale air.  You will feel better emotionally and physically with the addition of living plants in your home.
  • Consider double-lined curtains to keep out the cold.
  • Wear more layers to keep the heat down.  Turning the heat down just a few degrees can make a big difference in your energy consumption.  Make use of sweaters, slippers and throw blankets to stay warm.
  • Use non-toxic de-icers on your driveway and other areas.  “Rock salt” contains cyanide.  Chemicals de-icers can also be harmful to pets and wild animals.  Instead, throw plain sand down on your driveway for the traction that you need.


This holiday season give the gift of green:

  • House plants like pathos, philodendron and spider plants.
  • A set of seed packets for the vegetable or flower garden.
  • A gift certificate for plants or seeds from a gardening supply catalog or shop.
  • A basketful of tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs.
  • Recycle last year’s cards into this year’s gift tags.  Use serrated scissors to cut the front of the card into appealing shapes and sizes.
  • Make sure this year’s cards are made from recycled paper.
  • Avoid wrapping paper.  Use newspaper or brown craft paper that you can decorate yourself.  Sunday comics also make a colorful, recyclable wrap kids will love!
  • One great way to avoid wrapping paper is to put your presents in reusable gift bags.  The great thing about this strategy is that it enables and encourages the receiver to use gift bags for the next time around.  Those recyclable grocery bags are a great way as well to “wrap” your gift.


Description: DfE label indicating consumer itemsThis mark allows consumers to quickly identify and choose more products that are safer for their families and also help protect the environment. DfE uses scientific information to identify products designed to be safer for the environment and to help you choose products and services, such as electronics or automotive refinishing.

In 2011, Americans using products with the DfE label cut the use of harmful chemicals by more than 756 million pounds. Look for the DfE label to find products with the safest possible ingredients and help protect the environment.

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