General Information • Affiliate Organizations

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF)
IMRF is a multi-employer retirement plan that serves more than 2700 local governments in Illinois, including counties, cities, villages, school districts, and park districts. IMRF provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to plan members and beneficiaries.

Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA)
WDSRA provides cooperative recreation programs and other activities for physically and mentally challenged individuals in the Wheaton Park District, and in eight other contiguous park districts.

Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA)
PDRMA is a joint risk management pool of more than 120 Illinois agencies, primarily park and forest preserve districts. PDRMA provides the district with general liability, property, worker's compensation, and employment practices insurance coverage.

Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IPRA)
IPRA is a not-for-profit organization and public interest group whose members share the common goal of providing quality park and recreation opportunities for citizens of Illinois. Many of the District's professional staff are members of this state association.

Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD)
IAPD is a nonprofit service, research, and education organization that represents park districts, forest preserve districts, consevation and recreation agencies. The Wheaton Park District is a member of this public-interest membership organization.

National Recreation and Park Association
NRPA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of park and recreation on a national level.