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Gift Cards
Not your average gift card!

2014 Holiday Promotion

For every $50 spent in Gift Cards, you'll receive a $5 Arrowhead Restaurant Holiday Bonus--for every $100 spent, receive a $10 Arrowhead Restaurant Holiday Bonus!

Offer ends 12/31/14.

Where can Holiday Gift Cards be purchased?

Holiday Gift Cards will be sold at these Wheaton locations:

  • Arrowhead Golf Club - 26W151 Butterfield Road
  • Cosley Zoo - 1356 North Gary Avenue
  • Movie tickets make great stocking stuffers!

    Studio Movie Grill: $7.50/per ticket

    AMC: $7.50/per ticket. Tickets are valid at AMC Theaters on movies in release for 10 days or longer

    Regal: $7.50/per ticket.  Tickets are valid at Regal Theaters on movies in release for 12 days or longer.

    Purchase tickets at the Wheaton Park District Community Center. Studio Movie Grill tickets may also be purchased at the DuPage County Historical Museum.

  • Community Center - 1777 South Blanchard
  • DuPage County Historical Museum - 102 East Wesley Street
What are some ways I can use my Gift Card?


The GO Card
Perfect for Camp and Going to the Pool!

Convenient & Secure

Where and how may my child use the GO Card?
The GO Card may be used for entrance fees or at the concession stands at:

  • Rice Pool & Water Park
  • Northside Family Aquatic Center
  • Clocktower Commons Mini-Golf and Skate Park
  • Cosley Zoo (Concessions Only)

Where do I buy a GO Card?
The GO Card can only be purchased at the Community Center due to the child’s photo requirement. There is a first time card activation fee of $1 on each card purchased. After you initially purchase your GO Card, you may reload and check card balances online at or at the Community Center. You will need a park district household ID to login. Card load and reload minimums are $10.

Security of the GO Card
GO Cards have a built-in security system. The picture must match the child or the attendants will not accept the card. We recommend your child’s picture be updated annually. To update your child’s photo simply bring in your child and his/her old card, and we will reissue the new card with a current photo at no charge. If the card is lost or stolen, the parent must contact Karen Donisch at the Community Center at (630) 690-4880. There is a $5 fee to deactivate the lost card and reissue a new card. The new card will be reissued with the balance that was remaining on the lost card. GO Cards do not expire and have no cash value.

For more information, please contact the Community Center at (630) 690-4880 or stop by 1777 S. Blanchard Rd., Wheaton, IL (corner of Blanchard & Naperville).