General Information: 2014 Board Meetings

The Wheaton Park District Board of Commissioners' meetings for the year 2014 will be held on the dates listed below. The regular board meetings will typically take place on the third Wednesday of the month in the City of Wheaton City Council Chambers, 303 W. Wesley Street, Wheaton, IL. All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. unless noted otherwise in the meeting's notice and agenda file.

2014 Agendas, Minutes and Packets
Board meeting agendas, minutes and packets may be downloaded by clicking on the PDF file associated with the date of interest in the table below. Regular Meeting Board Packets will be posted by 12PM the day of the meeting.


2015 Board Meeting Schedule (PDF) >

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Watch Board Meetings
Board Meeting Broadcasts are viewable on local access channel 17, Thursdays at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm.

Meetings are also posted online and accessible through the links in the table below.

Date Meeting Type Board Packets (PDF)* Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF) Video
1/15 Regular 011514p.1, 011514p.2 011514a 011514m 011514v
2/19 Regular 021914p 021914a 021914m 021914v
3/4 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   030414a    
3/5 Special Meeting 030514p 030514a    
3/19 Regular 031914p 031914a 031914m 031914v
4/8 Finance Subcommittee Meeting 040814a
4/10 Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee Meeting 041014a
4/15 Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee Meeting   041514a    
4/16 Regular 041614p 041614a 041614m 041614v
5/8 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Meeting   050814a    
5/8 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   050814b    
5/13 Policy Subcommittee Meeting   051314a    
5/21 Regular 052114p 052114a 052114m 052114v
5/27 Policy Subcommittee Meeting   052714a    
6/4 Policy Subcommittee Meeting
6/4 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   060414a_2    
6/4 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Meeting   060414a_3    
6/4 Arrowhead Subcommittee Meeting   060414a_4    
6/18 Regular 061814p 061814a 061814m 061814v
6/30 Policy Subcommittee Meeting Cancelled*   063014a    
6/30 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Mtg.-Cancelled*   063014a    
7/16 Regular 071614p 071614a 071614m 071614v
7/30 Policy Subcommittee Meeting   073014a    
8/6 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Meeting   080614a    
8/20 Regular 082014p (1/4), 082014p (2/4), 082014p (3/4), 082014p (4/4) 082014a 082014m 082014v
8/26 Arrowhead Subcommittee Meeting   082614a    
9/17 Regular 091714p 091714a 091714m 091714v
10/01 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Mtg.   100114a    
10/04 Budget Workshop Meeting   100414a 100414m  
10/8 Budget Appropriation Ordinance-Public Hearing   100814a1 100814m1  
10/8 Regular 100814p 100814a2 100814m2 100814v
10/30 Special Meeting   103014a    
11/03 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   110314a1 110314m  
11/03 Building & Grounds Subcommittee Mtg.   110314a2    
11/17 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   111714a 111714m  
11/19 Budget Appropriation Ordinance-Public Hearing (Continued from 10/08/14)   111714a 111914m1  
11/19 Regular 111914p (1 of 3)
111914p (2 of 3)
111914p (3 of 3)
111914a 111914m2 111914v
12/3 Finance Subcommittee Meeting   120314a    
12/10 Regular 121014p 121014a   121014v

** Board Packet files may be quite large (10MB or more), please be patient while the file is loaded.

*Cancelled due to inclement weather.